Grampa Brown’s Hawaii Slides: Part 1. 1968

hawaii 1968


A few weeks ago, my grandmother loaned me a big metal box titled: Hawaii…inside were hundreds of slides of images my grandfather took on his few trips to Hawaii from 1968-1980. My grandfather, Larry Brown, was an Army Air Corps. flight engineer and made stops at the base there. In 1980 he & my grandmother, Evelyn, vacationed there. hawaii hanahuma bay oahu 1980

It seems entirely crazy that I never realized what a talented photographer my Grampa Brown; but it’s true. He passed away when I in the first grade- but I do have memories of looking at slides with him in their big, sunny kitchen & organizing for his “slide-shows.” However, at that young age, I did not grasp the power of his photography. Oddly, my grandmother does not have his images in frames around her house- my mother says it was because it was always too expensive to get prints made, much more affordable to do the “slide-shows.”


hawaii 1968



Going through all of the Hawaii slides brought me to tears- I feel as if finally, nearly 30 years after he passed away I’m getting the chance to get to know my grandfather as a man, a photographer…and it has been truly humbling & emotional experience. I have picked my favorite images & those that I know my grandmother would enjoy to see again & have just ordered a book thru Artifact Uprising… {I will post images of the hardcover book when it arrives}. hawaii 1968

hawaii 1980

There are still many, many more boxes of slides to go through…which is such a treat. I will continue to share- but ask, should I do it here? Should I create a new blog dedicated to Grampa’s photos? I would love your feedback! xx Meg