18 Yellow Roses

I have a soft spot for yellow roses…. on our wedding day, my dad surprised me by picking our Father & Daughter Dance with Bobby Darin’s “18 Yellow Roses.” {And, randomly, 18 has always been my favorite number.}

So, when ever I come across yellow roses – I feel compelled to document them…. This is in an abandoned farmhouse.

vintage wall paper yellow roses farmhouse

Eighteen yellow roses came today
Eighteen yellow roses in a pretty bouquet
When the boy came to the door
I didn’t know what to say
But eighteen yellow roses came today
I opened up the card to see what it said
I couldn’t believe my eyes
When I had read
Though you belong to another I love you anyway
Yes eighteen yellow roses came today

I never doubted your love for a minute
I always thought that you would be true
But now this box and the flowers in it
I guess there’s nothin’ left for me to do
But ask to meet the boy that’s done this thing
And find out if he’s got plans to buy you a ring
‘Cause eighteen yellow roses will wilt and die one day
But a father’s love will never fade away
Will never fade away



Ushering in Fall


It’s my most favorite time of year….Summer is fading and Fall is making her her way in…I love the crispness in the air, apples, warm cider, digging out my boots, finding all the colors in the leaves, acorn squash, blankets, foggy mornings, lighting a fire…..the list is endless. {Sorry, summer fans!}rodeoandcophotography-1-13

We’ve been stacking and splitting wood {hooray for a splitter this year!}


One thing I adore about our land, is that we have several apple trees…they don’t taste that good…but they smell delicious.


rodeoandcophotography-1-10If anyone local needs cucumbers…please stop by…we have more than a surplus this year!

rodeoandcophotography-1-9When the hydrangeas turn to pink, I know that our anniversary is around the corner. These are my favorites {well, after peonies}…and we have several bushes that Nate planted the year we built the house….this bush is about 14′ tall now!


rodeoandcophotography-1-6And now we have a new pet…His name is Marker. But his nickname is “Wormy.” He is currently residing on my desk in a mason jar, snuggled deep in some dirt.


{all these shot on my Canon Mark III with my brand new Zeiss 50 1.4}

Strawberry Picking: A Family Tradition

95 years young- picking berries
One of my most early childhood memories is of the hot summer sun beating down on me & picking strawberries with my Gram. Who would have known that 30 years later I’d be bringing Marcus & Henry along to do the same? Luckily, it was fairly shady and Marcus was an amazing 4 year old {now he’s 5!} picker- each berry he chose was carefully inspected for bugs, color & size….and then plopped in his little basket…


milkandrhurbarb-5The berries were PRIME for picking…


Henry didn’t really pick any that landed in his basket- they mostly went into this mouth :0)





film is not dead

An appropriate tee-shirt…since I was lugging around my beast of a Hasselblad medium format while picking… So happy I did though!

roasting pan of berriesI ended up with countless quarts happily stored in my freezer- smoothies all year long!



super serious strawberry strategist

{all shot on my Hasselblad H1 with Kodak Porta 400}

Family Trip To NYC: Part II: American Museum of Natural History


Our second day in NYC was devoted entirely to the American Museum of Natural History. Two boys & dinosaurs, animals, birds, Native Americans & whales….It was seriously a PERFECT day for our little family. The traffic was smooth sailing getting from Queens to Manhattan on Memorial Day {who knew- certainly not the woman at the hotel desk that told me I was crazy. For reals.} We parked on 78th and walked 1/2 block up the Museum….






{I told him not to smile…in fact, promised him a dinosaur toy if he didn’t smile….}


flamingo painting






Family Trip to NYC: Part I: The Queens Zoo

So, we packed our kids in the Jetta Wagon & drove almost 7 hours to spend two nights in Queens, New York…the main purpose of the trip was to meet the newest Hamilton family member- Angelina Marie- 10 days old when got to see her itty bitty self! I didn’t want to lug all my gear with me on the trip- and really wanted to focus on more on enjoying the adventure, family & friends. So, I challenged myself and brought just my medium-format camera- my hefty Contax 645 {which somewhat contradicts the lugging of gear around}…..We didn’t realize it until the night before- but our best friend’s were in Queens the same weekend {Mac is originally from there & they had family functions too}….as luck would have it, the stars aligned and we were all able to enjoy the most gorgeous day at the Queens Zoo. I really don’t think the kids realized how ODD it was that we were all there….but, we had a blast!



The PUMAS were a huge hit {as both boys have pairs of pumas that Marcus claims makes them FAST}…Henry: “kitty!!!!!”






Grace & Marcus held hands the entire time, of course.



Our little buddy Sam & his grampa!


Word to the wise: this merry-go-round goes about 50 m.p.h….thank goodness they were buckled in & Daddy was with Hank!



red_icecreamHorrible, non-organic food…but, um, we were on vacation…The corn was chewy…but Marcus LOVED his street sausage. Like seriously loved it- he wouldn’t swallow the last bite because he claimed “I don’t want it to end.” Go figure…. xx

{contax 645. kodak porta 400. processed & scanned at foto factory, littleton, nh}


Grampa Brown’s Hawaii Slides: Part 1. 1968

hawaii 1968


A few weeks ago, my grandmother loaned me a big metal box titled: Hawaii…inside were hundreds of slides of images my grandfather took on his few trips to Hawaii from 1968-1980. My grandfather, Larry Brown, was an Army Air Corps. flight engineer and made stops at the base there. In 1980 he & my grandmother, Evelyn, vacationed there. hawaii hanahuma bay oahu 1980

It seems entirely crazy that I never realized what a talented photographer my Grampa Brown; but it’s true. He passed away when I in the first grade- but I do have memories of looking at slides with him in their big, sunny kitchen & organizing for his “slide-shows.” However, at that young age, I did not grasp the power of his photography. Oddly, my grandmother does not have his images in frames around her house- my mother says it was because it was always too expensive to get prints made, much more affordable to do the “slide-shows.”


hawaii 1968



Going through all of the Hawaii slides brought me to tears- I feel as if finally, nearly 30 years after he passed away I’m getting the chance to get to know my grandfather as a man, a photographer…and it has been truly humbling & emotional experience. I have picked my favorite images & those that I know my grandmother would enjoy to see again & have just ordered a book thru Artifact Uprising… {I will post images of the hardcover book when it arrives}. hawaii 1968

hawaii 1980

There are still many, many more boxes of slides to go through…which is such a treat. I will continue to share- but ask, should I do it here? Should I create a new blog dedicated to Grampa’s photos? I would love your feedback! xx Meg

Diaper Mornings with Mickey

vintage sofa hank film


Most mornings, after Daddy goes to work, a sleepy Hank comes down stairs to snuggle. While his big brother snoozes upstairs, he like to watch an episode of of “bo-bo” or Mickey Mouse. I enjoy these 20 minutes of somewhat quiet to drink my morning coffee & catch up on some of my favorite blogs…..The other day I was introduced to the work of John Dolan  {thanks to Let the Kids Dress Themselves} and was completely smitten with his gallery titled “Olivia”. I’m assuming Olivia is his daughter- and the gallery is random photos of her life- infant, with a new sibling, dance recital, driving a car, prom…and all these slivers of her life in-between. ORDINARY life. Not staged. Not posed with banners and signs and tags-just-off-mini-boden-clothes…And I glanced over at my Henry…still hanging onto glimpses of baby-hood every now & then…but it’s quickly fading…In the next month we will hopefully  saying goodbye to diapers…then, what is left? Two boys. Not a boy & a baby in the house….I decided I needed to put my coffee down & pick my camera up…..
bw hank 2 vintage couch diaper

hank_couch2hank couch bw contax

kodak porta orange vintage couch




little feet couch{p.s. that ugly tape on the couch? marcus put it there when he was making a “contraption” and I haven’t hard the heart to take it off, yet}

{shot on my Contax 645. Kodak Porta 400}