Adventures of Sparky & Hank: Instagram

Today’s #RisingTideChallenge is pushing me out of my comfort zone with #fridayintroductions, even typing all this makes me nervous! but here are 5 things about me…. 1: I live in a town with a population of 300 with my husband {a state police Sargent & our two boys Marcus & Henry 7&4 { #adventuresofsparkyandhank } 2: besides the dog & cat we have 2 hives of bees, 5 beautiful chickens & I have a black #Aqua filly, Pippa. 3: family dinner is sacred to me & I love preparing wholesome meals for my boys {but they have to be gluten free & paleo-ish} & on nights I don’t want to cook we treat ourselves to @changthaicafe 4: I’m a former police officer & arson investigator turned wedding photographer : documenting love is easier than char & debris. 5: I really almost passed out/got sick/ peed my pants when I was named one of @martha_weddings top photographers….. I strive to create honest & happy images….. So, new fellow #RisingTideChallenge followers, tell me about you! Xo via Instagram

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