Sweet As Honey Blog Tour: Day 3



When I first saw a glimpse of the new fabric line from Bonnie Christine- Sweet As Honey- I was so excited to get some and make something cute….As some of you know, we will be getting our first hive of honeybees in the Spring…. I was lucky enough to participate in the Sweet As Honey Blog Tour- Bonnie sent me some fabric….and voila…I made a little apron for when I’m harvesting honey & checking on my bees! My sewing skills are rusty {don’t look too close at my stitches!} – but it was great to have a project to do….I feel a little badly though, as the other girls in the blog tour are making some SUPER impressive stuff! Yesterday, Jessica at Haile & Co. made the most adorable divided basket – go and look for yourself!




The yellow fabric with the vintage hive is my favorite!




Now, head over to see what the other Meghan made {it will be up tomorrow, the 6th}….For the whole scoop on the tour click HERE. :0)

And if you wanted to grab some of this sweet fabric & see all the designs for yourself, click HERE. :0)



7 thoughts on “Sweet As Honey Blog Tour: Day 3

  1. This fabric is fabulous! I think the yellow fabric with the beehive might be my favorite too, at least it is one of my favorites. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. I love your little apron. BE PROUD!! I have a ratty old canvas one that I use all the time (got it at Home Depot), and I should make me a pretty one. See, you’ve inspired us!! 🙂 🙂

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