Ushering in Fall


It’s my most favorite time of year….Summer is fading and Fall is making her her way in…I love the crispness in the air, apples, warm cider, digging out my boots, finding all the colors in the leaves, acorn squash, blankets, foggy mornings, lighting a fire…..the list is endless. {Sorry, summer fans!}rodeoandcophotography-1-13

We’ve been stacking and splitting wood {hooray for a splitter this year!}


One thing I adore about our land, is that we have several apple trees…they don’t taste that good…but they smell delicious.


rodeoandcophotography-1-10If anyone local needs cucumbers…please stop by…we have more than a surplus this year!

rodeoandcophotography-1-9When the hydrangeas turn to pink, I know that our anniversary is around the corner. These are my favorites {well, after peonies}…and we have several bushes that Nate planted the year we built the house….this bush is about 14′ tall now!


rodeoandcophotography-1-6And now we have a new pet…His name is Marker. But his nickname is “Wormy.” He is currently residing on my desk in a mason jar, snuggled deep in some dirt.


{all these shot on my Canon Mark III with my brand new Zeiss 50 1.4}


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