Strawberry Picking: A Family Tradition

95 years young- picking berries
One of my most early childhood memories is of the hot summer sun beating down on me & picking strawberries with my Gram. Who would have known that 30 years later I’d be bringing Marcus & Henry along to do the same? Luckily, it was fairly shady and Marcus was an amazing 4 year old {now he’s 5!} picker- each berry he chose was carefully inspected for bugs, color & size….and then plopped in his little basket…


milkandrhurbarb-5The berries were PRIME for picking…


Henry didn’t really pick any that landed in his basket- they mostly went into this mouth :0)





film is not dead

An appropriate tee-shirt…since I was lugging around my beast of a Hasselblad medium format while picking… So happy I did though!

roasting pan of berriesI ended up with countless quarts happily stored in my freezer- smoothies all year long!



super serious strawberry strategist

{all shot on my Hasselblad H1 with Kodak Porta 400}


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