Family Trip to NYC: Part I: The Queens Zoo

So, we packed our kids in the Jetta Wagon & drove almost 7 hours to spend two nights in Queens, New York…the main purpose of the trip was to meet the newest Hamilton family member- Angelina Marie- 10 days old when got to see her itty bitty self! I didn’t want to lug all my gear with me on the trip- and really wanted to focus on more on enjoying the adventure, family & friends. So, I challenged myself and brought just my medium-format camera- my hefty Contax 645 {which somewhat contradicts the lugging of gear around}…..We didn’t realize it until the night before- but our best friend’s were in Queens the same weekend {Mac is originally from there & they had family functions too}….as luck would have it, the stars aligned and we were all able to enjoy the most gorgeous day at the Queens Zoo. I really don’t think the kids realized how ODD it was that we were all there….but, we had a blast!



The PUMAS were a huge hit {as both boys have pairs of pumas that Marcus claims makes them FAST}…Henry: “kitty!!!!!”






Grace & Marcus held hands the entire time, of course.



Our little buddy Sam & his grampa!


Word to the wise: this merry-go-round goes about 50 m.p.h….thank goodness they were buckled in & Daddy was with Hank!



red_icecreamHorrible, non-organic food…but, um, we were on vacation…The corn was chewy…but Marcus LOVED his street sausage. Like seriously loved it- he wouldn’t swallow the last bite because he claimed “I don’t want it to end.” Go figure…. xx

{contax 645. kodak porta 400. processed & scanned at foto factory, littleton, nh}



3 thoughts on “Family Trip to NYC: Part I: The Queens Zoo

  1. Beautiful! I’m so glad our kids are growing up together and that they’ll have wonderful images to go with their memories!

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