Diaper Mornings with Mickey

vintage sofa hank film


Most mornings, after Daddy goes to work, a sleepy Hank comes down stairs to snuggle. While his big brother snoozes upstairs, he like to watch an episode of of “bo-bo” or Mickey Mouse. I enjoy these 20 minutes of somewhat quiet to drink my morning coffee & catch up on some of my favorite blogs…..The other day I was introduced to the work of John Dolan  {thanks to Let the Kids Dress Themselves} and was completely smitten with his gallery titled “Olivia”. I’m assuming Olivia is his daughter- and the gallery is random photos of her life- infant, with a new sibling, dance recital, driving a car, prom…and all these slivers of her life in-between. ORDINARY life. Not staged. Not posed with banners and signs and tags-just-off-mini-boden-clothes…And I glanced over at my Henry…still hanging onto glimpses of baby-hood every now & then…but it’s quickly fading…In the next month we will hopefully  saying goodbye to diapers…then, what is left? Two boys. Not a boy & a baby in the house….I decided I needed to put my coffee down & pick my camera up…..
bw hank 2 vintage couch diaper

hank_couch2hank couch bw contax

kodak porta orange vintage couch




little feet couch{p.s. that ugly tape on the couch? marcus put it there when he was making a “contraption” and I haven’t hard the heart to take it off, yet}

{shot on my Contax 645. Kodak Porta 400}





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