Summer 2012: Hasselblad Square



As many of you know, last summer I attended this amazzzzzing photographer’s workshop – Film Is Not Dead  {FIND} with Jonathan Canlas. I really can not even begin to express how much these 3 days forced me to grow as a photographer & a person. I’ve slowed down. I compose with more thought. I click the shutter less. And now, I shoot film. A lot.

Besides all that I learned during the intensive course- I formed friendships that will most certainly stand the test of time. The support system of other FINDers is something that can’t be measured against. One of my classmates, Rob Davidson {check out his work- he is top-notch}, was so incredibly kind and loaned me his Hasselblad {square format camera…incredibly tricky to focus} to try out for a few weeks to see if it was THE camera for me…..In the end, I opted for the more versatile Contax 645….but if I had the funds…I’d be getting this camera too….And I stumbled across these images this morning while looking for summer images for a magazine cover….Yesterday it felt like summer here- in the 70’s…I don’t want to skip Spring – I can not wait to see all my apple blossoms and tulips bloom…but, oh, summer…me & the boys we can’t wait to greet you! xxhasselblad firetruck




IslBGI couldn’t resist posting the naked fire-fighter…my idea of a pin up ❤

And a few quick shots of my beautiful friend, Elizabeth. ❤
hasselblad elizabeth


p.s. if anyone comes across an old hassey while cleaning out grannie’s attic…keep me in mind :0)



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