hello, milk & rhubarb

organic french toast

french toast, boys?


I’m really not sure how many of you will read my blog & how many will leave little love notes….But, I’m really doing this blog for myself & for my little family. Honestly, although I have loads of photos to place in albums {I am, for those that don’t know, a photographer} & I have a slight problem with journals, papers, and such…the truth is, the best way for me to record the daily happenings of our little family {me, my mister, marcus {4} & henry {2}} is with a blog…I had one in the past…but got overwhelmed trying to update both a personal & a professional blog….and posted a lot of personal stuff on my professional blog…and then just kind of stopped blogging much all together.

I’m not sure exactly where this blog will evolve to be…perhaps a cute blurb book for my boys to look back and reflect on? A place for me to push myself as a photographer, a sometimes writer, mama, cook, etc.?

The above photo I snapped on my beloved Contax 645 a few weeks back…the boys eat. eat. eat. all. the. time. Thankfully, they love french toast- which is simple to make, and because I use local eggs and organic bread I feel good making these on a weekly basis.




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