gram’s house in the spring


Last Fall, I took some photos of my Gram’s house & made a little blog post about it on my Rodeo & Co. Photography blog. You can read/see it HERE. The other day, I found myself sitting in my car in her yard…Henry snoring in the back seat. I was planning on a little visit, but of course, my 94 year old grandmother was out and about getting her hair done. Luckily, I had my Contax in the car with me that morning…so while Henry snoozed in the sunshine I popped into Gram’s and took some photos…I left everything as it was, I felt like if I moved something to make a better image, it just wouldn’t be authentic anymore….Like, my favorite image below…has the Market Basket case of gingerale….but, you see, that is my Gram…always with store-brand gingerale and rootbeer & that’s one of the many reasons why I find her so endearing to me.





{and I think I have found a common genetic link…we both hang things on the wall terribly crocked! }


This is the same piano that my grandmother’s grandmother learned to play piano on….Does that seem a bit impossible? So, this piano has been played by six generations of my family. And that, really just baffles my little mind…and warms my heart to see my boys tapping away on the keys.


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